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We offer a wide range of services and products for any occasion.


  • Airport Transfer
  • Chauffeur
  • Concierge Travel
  • Conferences
  • Desert Safari
  • Entertainment Packages
  • Exclusive Private Tour
  • Exclusive Excursions
  • Helicopter Sightseeing
  • Helicopter Transfer
  • Hotel Guest Cars
  • Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flight
  • V.I.P and Celebrity
  • V.I.P Protection

Our impressive selection of luxury cars for rent are sure to please even the most esteemed car connoisseur. All of our cars are beautiful to drive and will make you feel like a million bucks.
Please contact us for more details on our “Services”.
We specialize in making your dreams become a reality at Luxury Car Rental

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Luxury Car Rental - Hire Today

Luxury Car Rental offers a variety of car brands for rental. Our premium car brands include cars from six categories – Convertible cars, SUV cars, Economy cars, Super cars, Sedan and Luxury. These admired car brands are state-of-the-art and will provide you the most incredible driving experience in a multitude of locations that you can imagine. Rent one of our prestigious, exotic car brands and enjoy some of the best cars this world has to offer


Variety of Cars

At Luxury Car Rental you’ll find a car rental that suits your style and your budget.
From sports cars to SUVs, sedans to Luxury – Choose from an exceptional collection of premium vehicles by world-class brands.

Satisfied Clients

We make it our business to know yours.
Because it’s not about renting a car, it’s about getting you where you’re going and giving you everything you need to get there.

Best Rate

Save more money with Luxury Car Rental.
No other service does all this for you: We provide an integrated fleet for any wish and we guarantee the best rental prices in the region.

AT/MT Transmission

Having fun driving manual transmission cars? or just feeling lazy and want to us one feet?.
We offer you both automatic and manual transmissions based on your needs and capabilities.

GPS on Every Vehicle!

The roads are simply too complicated to drive on without any idea of where you are going.
this is why all our vehicles are equipped with Built-in or Portable GPS navigation system.

24 Hours Support

Wherever you are, No matter what happened; Our support team is ready to help you with whatever you need 24/7.

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